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Remember the early days of the instant chat room? When life was simple? Our site was set-up for one simple reason: "To keep the original spirit of AIM alive." Allowing users to easily connect to one another without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to get there. We recommend the best software to chat with — like messenger links and software downloads. These types of online communities are here to get you connected!

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Things to know about Chat Rooms...

Most Popular AOL Chat Rooms

What are Chat Rooms?
Chat Rooms are a quick and easy way of communicating via the Internet. Two or more people can use the instant chat software to join large conversations over a variety of topics, or the specialized instant messaging features to create a private environments. While many people use chats to keep in touch with friends and relatives, other people use them to communicate with co-workers and acquaintances.

How do I start chatting?
Before anyone can begin or participate in a chat, you will need to install IM chat software on your desktop computer or notebook. You can also chat on a smartphone using powerful tools like Blackberry AOL Instant Messenger. There are certainly a lot of chat services out there to choose from and most of them are free. Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger service and MSN software are the big three instant chat programs we suggest you get started with. For example, downloading the AIM chat software is quick and easy. Once you install the software and load it, you can send out invitations to other users and initiate aim chatrooms.

What else can modern chat sites and rooms do?
The beuty of a lot of these programs is the ability to build group chat between you and others. Many websites today incorporate gaming chat software that allows users to compete against each other for fun while carrying on conversations. They also make it simpler for multi instant messaging between more people -- for instance, the AOL Instant Messenger App lets you open several chat windows that make it simple to carry on multiple talks. As you get more comfortable with these virtual worlds, you're sure to dramatically improve your online communication skills!

Do I have to use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or FireFox as my browser?
Sometimes. If you use social media software to chat such as MSN or Yahoo, then no. But to get to AIM chat directory, you will need an internet browser to access the chat room links.

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