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  • 99Chats

    – Create and Add your own Chat Room to your web page, blog or social network profile.


    – Msn style chat rooms for all ages, also has its own blogs and radio station

  • Chat 4 Free

    – Flash based general chat. No registration required.

  • Chat Avenue

    – Offering a variety of chat rooms for people of all ages based on Javascript.

  • Chat Buddy

    – Fun friendly chat rooms community for adults, teens and gay communities.

  • Chat Connection

    – Real time chat rooms for teenagers, college students, singles, and adults.

  • Chat Rooms Online

    – Chat rooms and moderated forums for kids and teens. Chat rooms use Java and chat logs are kept to help protection of users. No registration required.

  • Chat-X-Planet

    – Large, family-oriented chat community for all ages offering free moderated chat rooms, tons of games and live music.


    – Chat rooms for all ages around the world.

  • ChatStop

    – Communicate with people all over the world. Moderated and unmoderated chat.

  • ChitChatting

    – Free Java chat rooms for teens and adults.

  • Cool Teen Chat

    – Chat, teen message boards, jukebox, polls, horoscopes, pictures, and free email. Includes links to other teen chat rooms.

  • Knuddels Chat

    – Provides a fun and easy way of chatting, playing, flirting, and meeting with people over the internet.

  • Laid Back Chat

    – Clean, friendly adult and teen chat rooms(16-19).

  • MSGBox

    – Based in the UK. Includes pictures and information about members. Also offers Instant Messaging to both online and offline users.

  • Monache Community

    – Flash based general chat with a range of differently themed rooms. Runs on the Userplane community platform.

  • Omni Chat

    – Free chat and profiles and ecards.

  • Online Chat Rooms

    – Complete directory for all categories of online chat rooms.

  • OohYa Chat

    – Free chat rooms with webcams, voice, profiles, photo galleries, videos, groups, blogs, and forums.

  • Optichat

    – Browser based chat rooms for all ages. No registration required.

  • Quick Chat Cafe

    – Online community with multiple rooms and private chat.

  • RailChat

    – Chat community for people who are interested in railways.

  • Rooms Chat

    – Rooms for chatting in, pure and simple. No need to sign up and easy to use.

  • Senior Chatters

    – A chat room for silver surfers, Senior Chatters opens up chat rooms to people who are over 50.

  • Spinchat

    – Free online chat community with blogs, forums and games.

  • The Chat Page

    – Moderated chat and forums for all ages, with photos and videos. No registration is needed.

  • USA Chat Now

    – Free chat community for adults, singles, and teens.

  • Vitadin Chat

    – Free web based chat where you can meet any one from any country.

  • WeirdTown Chat

    – Interactive chatrooms for teens, adults, singles, women, music lovers, geeks, jocks, gamers, gay, Asian, and Spanish chatters.

  • World Wide Chat

    – Free browser-based chat website for all audiences. Features image sharing, games, mini profiles and guest access.

  • World of Chat

    – World of chat are flash based chat rooms, we provide safe moderated chat rooms for any age, we also have 3d chat rooms and forums.

  • Xatchats

    – A fan-site for Xat chat rooms.

  • XtreemConneX Chat

    – Free clean adult chat rooms, social networking profiles, groups and forums.

  • YeeChat

    – Free video chat room service for websites and blogs.

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