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MSN (Microsoft Network) has been extremely popular with people looking for free chat.  Effective October 14, 2003, they are becoming a subscription service – included if you pay for other MSN services (internet access).  People have the option of paying something like $20/year for access to the chat rooms. You didn’t ask me – but I think it’s a good thing. There will be LOTS less of the porno and advertising bots there, and less abuse in general. $20 a year is a great deal – I used to pay $1 PER HOUR for msn chat!

There are a  large number of permanent chatrooms set up in a wide variety of themes to appeal to almost any chatter.  Many have live msn hosts/guides available for assistance, and/or bots (robot programs that automatically kick chatters for unacceptable actions or words).  There are also plenty of chat rooms that have been created by members themselves, with no msn supervision of the chat.

MSN chatrooms  have plenty of features, are almost always populated, and are an excellent  choice for the new chatter, especially now that they’re operating by subscription only.

In addition to the regular MSN chatrooms, there are also Web Communities that have been  established by individuals, and the MSN Messenger program for instant messaging  and personal chat.

At this time, the Web Communities and MSN Messenger services are still Free – No subscription necessary for their use :-)


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MSN Chat Rooms, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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