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Suggested Rules & Guidelines for AIM, YIM, MSN and others...

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These are general rules and guidelines that apply to ALL chatrooms.
Please notify a moderator if you encounter problems during a chat.
More information on banning and how to appeal againt your ban can be found at

  • Do not constantly repeat the same message.
  • No racial or abusive comments will be tolerated.
  • Do not flood the screen with your text.
  • Do not create any chatrooms with swear words.
  • Do not imitate a moderator or administrator to gain personal benifit in any other user chatrooms.
  • Do NOT ask personal questions like full names, addresses and what school people go to.
  • Do NOT attempt to set up meeting arrangements with anyone on our chat services.
  • Anyone seen giving out personal information will be banned.
  • These are common rules of any chat room and are enforced by AIM and this website.

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