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There are all sorts of online chat software programs, IM services and sites out there. Here are a few of the most popular and reliable one. Two or more people can use the instant chat software to join large conversations over a variety of topics, or the specialized instant messaging features to create a private setting.

    • AIM AOL Instant Messenger is perhaps the oldest and most trusted.
    • Google Talk Not just for searches, Share anrything about everything.
    • Windows Live Messenger Makes it easy for MSN, Hotmail & Live users to share.
    • Skype Free video chat to anywhere. It’s Amazing!
    • Yahoo! Messenger If you have Yahoo e-mail, this is the way to go.
    • Gadu-Gadu Most popular IM service in Poland.
    • ICQ Populare in Europe & with users.
    • Yahoo Japan A special version to handle the Japanese language
    • QQ Most popular messenger in mainland China.
    • NateOn Useful IM in South Korea
    • Twitter Share rapid updates via cell & mobile
    • Hyves Very large social networking site in the Netherlands.
    • Orkut A social network put out by Google
    • Cyworld Another useful South Korean service.
    • mixi A Japanese social network
    • QIP Short for “Quiet Internet Pager” is a Free IM
    • Rediff Bol Messenger with Hindi support
    • Vkontakte Popular network in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan & Belarus.
    • eBuddy Mobile and Browser based chat.
    • Agent Largest free e-mail service of the Runet.
    • Facebook Chat Perhaps the largest social media site in the world.
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