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#1 Chat Avenue Chat rooms for teens, kids, singles, and more.

i’minlikewithyou Find friends and chat, create Q & A games, send your friends little drawings, and more. Mobile version also available.

UsaChatNow USA Chat now is the only free website on the internet that you will find the best people. No matter whether you’re looking for teens, cams or mature chat – they’re all here, all under one roof. The vibe at USA Chat Now is all positive, everyone is just here to meet people and have a good time. You can meet people from all over the country and strike up interesting conversations with real people. Offers free access to chat rooms, message boards, and email for different groups including kids, teens, singles, and adults. Meet new people with similar interests, talk to people from all over the world.

Yaba Yabber on with the social community of your choice.

Chat Family Provides a family-oriented chat environment, staffed by trained administrators.

Circle of Hope For understanding and overcoming the grief of losing at love.

Free Chat Now Free chatrooms for teens, kids, adults, and singles.

Senior Chatters Build friendships with others over 50-years-old. Members from across the globe have access to senior chat rooms, blogs, galleries, message boards, private chat, and instant messaging.

Irish Chat Offering chat rooms for every county in Ireland, Irish music, genealogy, and more.

Penguin Chat Pick up a penguin and chat in this 3D world.

MySpace Chat Make new friends and keep up with old ones on MySpace Chat. Users can choose based on a category, location, or age group.

321 Chat Features chat rooms for kids, teens, adults, seniors, and gays.

Freever Mobile messaging service offering text and picture message communication. Includes web interface for forums, chatrooms, and other community services.

State of Insanity We don’t suffer from insanity, we enjoy it.

Chat Open Chat communities for teens, adults, singles, and kids.

Advanced Chat Offers rooms for teens, singles, mature adults, and more.

Zack’s Chat Backdoors Features a variety of different chat rooms.

CatholiCity Chat

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