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Yahoo chat rooms are a great place to meet and communicate with friends around the world who share your interests.

You’ll find Yahoo chat rooms for a world of topics from entertainment to sports, to politics and music. These free, topical chat rooms are available to all Yahoo! Messenger users and can be a great place to meet new people.

To join a Yahoo Chat room you will need to install Yahoo! Messenger (free download). Once Yahoo Messenger has been downloaded and installed on your computer to enter a chat room, look for “Yahoo! Chat” in your Messenger menu.

Steps to take to join the free Yahoo chat rooms:

1: Download and install Yahoo messenger

2: Sign in to Yahoo messenger

3: In the menu find Messenger>Yahoo! Chat>Join a Room

4: Wait till the chat loads, enter the chat, choose a room, verify yourself and finally start chatting.

NOTE: When you enter a Yahoo chat room from your Yahoo! Messenger, your Yahoo! ID you choose as will be visible to other chatters in the room. If you do not wish to show your primary Yahoo! ID in a chat room, then you should create an alternate Yahoo! ID soley for use in Yahoo chat.

Yahoo’s Tips for Chatting Safety

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